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A Little Book Of Big Cornish Achievements

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Explores the varied Cornish achievements and features colour photographs from around the county.

Using Positive Psychology To Enhance Student Achievement

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Positive psychology, properly understood and applied, offers a tremendous opportunity for improving student and teacher experiences and the overall success of any school. The connection between education and happiness is recognised to be mutually reinforcing; education helps students to be happy and happy students gain more from education. Research has confirmed what educators have long known - that happy students typically achieve more in the classroom and exam room than unhappy students and are more energetic, persistent, creative and better able to get on with others.

Positive Psychology and the happy habit is unique in translating a complex literature written by academic psychologists into a highly practical resource. The activities have been designed to provide a creative and engaging way of enabling students to discover their strengths both in terms of their cognitive abilities and `virtues' i.e. character strengths .

Throughout the programme students are introduced to the key insights of positive psychology:-

  • the importance of being connected to others,

  • Character training and metacognitive strategies

  • Positive rather than reactive thinking and habits

  • Developing the skills essential for building optimism and resilience,

  • Recognising and combating negative thoughts

  • Understanding that there are certain ways of thinking that they can make their lives better.

Easy to deliver sessions with comprehensive facilitator instructions and activities resources are provided within the resource. All lessons are interactive and based on group discussions and role play to ensure students learn more about themselves and others. Students are encouraged to practise skills and ideas that are discussed during the sessions in their everyday life with home practice in the form of `take away' activities being a core element of the programme.

This unique resource will be of real relevance and benefit to both staff and students at upper primary and lower secondary level and will give students within a school environment the tools they need to achieve their full potential.

Narrowing The Achievement Gap In A (re) Segregated Urban School District

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The interplay between sociopolitical forces and economic agendas becomes apparent when one examines the June 28, 2007 United States Supreme Court Decision, Parents Involved In Community Schools v. Seattle School District. In a reversal of the 1954 Brown Decision, the United States Supreme Court ruled that public schools could not use race as a factor when assigning children to public schools. Given demographic shifts, globalization, economic instability, and ideological shifts, the reversal was expected. However, it is essential that policymakers, educators, and other stakeholders consider the impact of attending segregated schools on the achievement gap that continues to exist between minority groups and European Americans attending resegregated neighborhood schools. This book will focus on the test score gaps between African American and European American students. This book analyzes and presents the achievement gaps between these two groups. Additionally, the authors will analyze how changes in school characteristics such as: racial composition; school composition; school expenditures, and, socio economic level of neighborhoods affect achievement gap trends in the Norfolk School District. An examination of the achievement gap trends in an urban school district will serve to better inform public policy and school reform efforts. The specific goals of this book are to describe the achievement gap between minority African-American students and European-American students in the Norfolk school district and to present strategies utilized by urban districts to narrow the gap. One unique feature of this book is that it provides a data-driven research-based analysis of the achievement gap between minority and European-American students.


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