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Changing Behaviour At Work

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Problems with costs, quality, productivity and attendance, primarily stem from bad behavioural patterns encouraged within the organization. To prevent and manage these problems, a behavioural approach to managing people is often the most effective.

This dynamic textbook illustrates how behaviour analysis theory can be used to alter how people behave in the workplace. It takes a highly practical look at management strategies, showing how managers can identify, measure and analyze undesirable behaviour. Using real life case study examples to show the implementation of effective change strategies, the authors investigate a range of situations from behavioural self-management, to changing the behaviour of large groups. Topics covered include:

  • history of behavioural theory and psychology

  • traditional approaches to management

  • self-management

  • managing groups

  • organizational level management.

Providing a theoretically grounded yet highly practical perspective, this significant textbook is an essential purchase for all those seeking to understand how to manage people and organizations more effectively.

Simply Effective Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

RRP $272.99

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Research shows that cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment for common mental health disorders of mild to moderate severity. Simply Effective Cognitive Behaviour Therapy guides the therapist in treating clients effectively in a simple, structured, time-limited way, as well as indicating where additional treatment or referral is required, thus widening access to CBT.

In this book, Michael J. Scott provides a practical and concise guide for therapists using CBT with a range of disorders including:

  • depression

  • panic disorder and agoraphobia

  • post-traumatic stress disorder

  • generalised anxiety disorder

  • obsessive compulsive disorder

  • social phobia.

Simply Effective CBT is illustrated throughout with transcripts of sessions which serve as models for putting theory into practice. It provides the therapist with sufficient understanding of the cognitive theory of a disorder, enabling them to tailor the protocols provided to the needs of the individual. The appendices include a CBT Pocketbook - to guide treatment and assessment for each disorder - making it essential reading for all professionals using CBT.

Understanding Behaviour And Development In Early Childhood

RRP $375.99

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In this accessible and thought-provoking text, Dr Maria Robinson examines the behaviour of babies and young children in a developmental context, and takes into account the shifts and changes over time as young children grow and mature.

Understanding Behaviour and Development in Early Childhood reveals, for example, how behaviour perceived as a difficulta (TM) in a young child may be the manifestation of a response to emotional, sensory and cognitive experiences. Throughout the book, readers will find a strong emphasis on emotional well-being and the need to place our understanding of behaviour within a developmental time frame.

Based on wide ranging professional experience the topics examined and discussed in this insightful book include:

  • What we understand by a behavioura (TM)
  • How the brain and senses work and mature during early childhood
  • Behaviour as a reflection of the childa (TM)s internal state
  • What emotions are, and how we learn what feelings mean to us as individuals
  • How emotions affect our ability to learn
  • How we develop a sense of self.

The book provides suggestions for how adults may think about and respond to changes in childrena (TM)s behaviour, and how we may support children in learning how to manage their own behaviour as they grow older and encounter wider and more complex situations.

Understanding the meaning of behaviour is a constant challenge for anyone working with children. This developmental approach promotes a helpful reflective stance for practitioners and students working in early childhood education and care.


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