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Seven Successes Of Smarter Teams, Part 7

RRP $17.99

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Want To KNOW What Makes Smarter Teams SUCCEED? Imagine. Ready? In less than 90 min you could actually KNOW the thinking tools top-tier management consultants use to tackle one of the Seven Successes of Smarter Teams. In our ever-changing world, shallow use of old business ideas no longer cuts it for successful professionals and teams. Agree? Business teams endure frustration and ambiguity. True? Here is where the Seven Successes can be useful to you. Ready for the secret? What Are The Seven Successes? In Seven Successes for Smarter Teams, Dr. Ali Matthew Monadjem, former consultant, team leader and trainer with top business management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company, shares seven core elements required for successful business management and team building. This business how to guide teaches proven techniques that can change you or your team forever, and do it fast. Many who use these thinking tools find it much easier to earn six and seven figure annual incomes over time, due to the value these smarter individuals are adding to their teams and organizations (*disclaimer: these earnings are not guaranteed!*). Where are These Techniques From? These techniques are similar to those used by many top business management consultants, in firms such as McKinsey & Company, BCG, Bain & Company, AT Kearney, and so on. Now anyone can access great thinking tools and techniques, and more, without years of sacrifice. Useful, right? This is exactly why Dr. A.M. Monadjem developed this series for Accompany Advisory's Executive Learning Academy, which focuses on executives' parallel and complimentary needs for impact consulting and insight-driven capability building. Its global team brings you the best insights on building smarter teams, simply and easily. Do I Need This? Not if you don't want to get more done in less time. Otherwise, definitely. Incredible impact awaits you and your teams. Sound good? Being stuck in traditional ways, with outdated views, can have calamitous costs at all levels. Can teams survive without a good set of core tools? Take Advantage Now! These tricks have worked for many high-potential graduates, consultants, managers, and executives. You can have them work for you. When you read this book you'll take advantage of the Seven Successes, find out what they are, and delve deeper into the third secret of success.

Success Notes From A Maharishi

RRP $13.99

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Success Notes From a Maharishi: First Visit

One Sage. Some Success Ideas. For You.

This little book is a fable about a Maharishi ( a sage) who travels worlds across universes on one mission: to share his ideas on success and how to get it. He rarely interacts with someone in person, and instead passes these ideas through some spiritually powerful ways to the mind of the person he is assigned to help.

But, sometimes, very rarely, he discusses about these success ideas in person. This is the time he does meet one and you are that person in the book he talks to.

Have you ever felt like you are not worth your dreams or have what it takes?

Do you think big and act small?

Do you fight a good fight with life?

Do you need to win always?

How do you know if you have lived your day well?

Three simple words that can immensely change your life around? (Note 9)

Stay humble and courageous and be the ruler of your life

Don't be trapped by your past and future

The power of living in the present

Show up where you need to, no matter what!

Be like a tennis ball - a rare quality of success (Note 5)

The power of attachment and detachment

Stay there till you get to your dreams

Only a few get further and higher in life, join them

You don't have to win all the time

Let's take a look at some insights from the book:

"A seed is not afraid because it seems to know that it doesn't have to be as big as the tree it will be one day. You don't have to be as big or as good as your big dreams now to achieve your dreams.Nor are you compelled by some unknown force to take nothing less than those huge efforts or grand plannings.

"Small efforts, small acts, small mental changes, small plans, small endeavors, small progresses, etc. are what you need to break that "thinking big" barrier! These small soldiers will give you the confidence increasingly as you sail through your days."

"The other piece of the coin is the 'super hero' image that you must incorporate immediately when it comes to tackling your hard-as-steel challenges, threats, difficult problems, etc. Here, you don't think of yourself as a speck of dust with no powers. That will not help you. The more difficult the situation, the tougher will be your belief and your opposing forces to your obstacles."

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Successful Lab Reports

RRP $28.95

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Science students are expected to produce lab reports, but are rarely adequately instructed on how to write them. Aimed at undergraduate students, Successful Laboratory Reports bridges the gap between the many books about writing term papers and the advanced books about writing papers for publication in scientific journals, neither of which gives much information about writing laboratory reports. The first part guides students through the structure of a good report as they write a first draft. The second part shows how to revise the report and how to polish and nurture good science writing skills. The book will prove invaluable to all science students, but particularly those in biology and chemistry.


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