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Successful Key Account Management In A Week

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Key account management just got easier 'This little book is a real gem' Professor Malcolm McDonald Key account management is increasingly important and must keep pace with its customers as they continually develop and evolve, often resulting in increasingly sophisticated buying structures. The key account manager therefore requires a wide variety of skills in order to be successful; this is not only an important job role in its own right, it is often a stepping stone to career development, leading to more senior management jobs. Successful Key Account Management In A Week is a week long course.

On Sunday you are encouraged to Know your customer as success depends on a relationship that is both rewarding and valuable.

On Monday you will Analyse your growth opportunities. The competitiveness of the company must be appraised to enable the identification of sales growth opportunities and all major accounts should be compared in appeal and position to give an indication of the strategy to be adopted for customers.

On Tuesday you will Measure profits by account. You will be shown how to measure the profitability of major customers and to draw up league tables to enable profit improvement strategies.

On Wednesday you will Plan for success, building on the analysis of growth opportunities and profit measurement already considered, to result in a best judgement final plan.

On Thursday you will learn to Negotiate to win-win; success relies on understanding the difference between negotiation and selling and being able to conduct negotiations to produce a win-win situation in which the objectives of both sides are considered.

On Friday you will look at Control activity levels and the monitoring of standards of performance to enable the presentation of plans and progress, allowing the measurement of success against these plans. And finally, on Saturday you are reminded to Manage relationships with an introduction to the Relationship Model which describes how business with a customer changes as it moves from a transactional or short-term sales achievement, to collaboration with long-term customer value and retention. 'This little book is a real gem, which you should read, use and keep handy for continuous reference. If you follow the straightforward guidelines in this book, your company's future is assured' Professor Malcolm McDonald, Former Professor of Marketing and Deputy Director, Cranfield University School of Management

About the Author

Grant Stewart has specialized in Key Accounts, Sales Management and Business Development for many companies and has run his own training and consultancy company for the last 30 years. His market-leading book on Successful Sales Management has sold over 70,000 copies.

Being A Successful Interpreter

RRP $309.99

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Being a Successful Interpreter: Adding Value and Delivering Excellence is a practice-oriented guide on the future of interpreting and the ways in which interpreters can adjust their business and professional practices for the changing market. The book considers how globalisation and human migration have brought interpreting to the forefront and the subsequent need for interpreters to serve a more diverse client base in more varied contexts. At its core is the view that interpreters must move from the traditional impartial and distant approach to become committed to adding value for their clients. Features include: * Interviews with leading interpreting experts such as Valeria Aliperta, Judy and Dagmar Jenner and Esther Navarro-Hall * Examples from authentic interpreting practice * Practice-driven, research-backed discussion of the challenges facing the future of interpreting * Guides for personal development * Ideas for group activities and development activities within professional associations. Being a Successful Interpreter is a practical and thorough guide to the business and personal aspects of interpreting. Written in an engaging and user-friendly manner, it is ideal for professional interpreters practising in conference, medical, court, business and public service settings, as well as for students and recent graduates of interpreting studies. Winner of the Best Book Prize 2016.

Laptop Lifestyle - How To Quit Your Job And Make A Good Living On The Internet (volume 4 - From Dream To Reality - The Online Success Planner And Workbook)

RRP $25.99

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"Do you want to quit your job and be your own boss?"

I Can Help You Make it Happen...

Thousands of people all over the world make good money online. It's time you joined them!

This is a step-by-step workbook, designed to help you get an online business up and running more quickly and easily than you ever thought possible.

By reading my Laptop Lifestyle books and answering the questions found within this workbook, you will be ready to start your new online business and earn the money you deserve.

I'll take you step-by-step through my "Laptop Lifestyle" process, including:

-How to Choose a Profitable Product to Sell
-Designing a Web Site that Brings in Big Money (Even While You're Sleeping!)
-Making people interested in what you're selling
-Driving Traffic for your Web Site
-Getting Other People to Sell Your Products for You!

"Forget the Hype... This is Real!"

If you're ready to start making money online (and stop just talking about it!), this book is for you. Follow my Laptop Lifestyle process and it will work for you. It's both simple and easy.

You'll also learn:

-How to build a real business in just a few hours per week
-How to avoid the pitfalls that kill 98% of online businesses
-How to find hungry buyers and get the most money from them
-How to build customer loyalty (and get repeat business!)
-How to avoid giving up on your dream

The Laptop Lifestyle is waiting! Let's go...

Christopher King is a former musician turned online marketer. He splits his time between Toronto, Canada and Key West, Florida. He can be reached online at


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